It’s Not Just You

You’ve heard the story…. though probably with different names and specifics.

Your friend, Katie, grew up in a large family — eight sisters and three brothers. She was the sweetest person you could hope to call ‘friend.’ She was caring, compassionate, a great listener, and was always ready to help you when you needed it.

For that reason, she had a TON of friends.

That made her sisters a bit (no, very) jealous! After all, who wouldn’t be jealous when some else is everyone’s favorite.

So, even as she was trying to care for her sisters, they plotted to send Katie away… like far away… a whole different country. And they didn’t just send her away, they sent her away as an uncompensated servant — a slave.

However, she continued to serve and grow in the Lord, becoming only more caring, compassionate, and lovable.

As she was building her character, she was also building relationships with other people in her new country. She became the servant of a celebrity and served him well.

Again, however, jealousy was springing up around her, because of her popularity. This time it was with a friend of her boss. She was falsely accused of theft and promptly thrown in prison.

God was still with her, though.

While in prison, Katie continued to focus on her character. She was respected in prison and was eventually put in charge of all the inmates.

One of her fellow inmates was a former advisor to the president. Katie became good friends with the advisor, sharing wisdom with him. The advisor was later restored to his position as the advisor to the president. It was this advisor who later recommended Katie to the president when he was in a predicament. You see, some strange predictions were given to the president. No one could understand them. Except God. And God delivered the interpretation to Katie.

After giving the president the meaning of the predictions, Katie offered a wise plan for how to deal with the foretold prosperity and then poverty of the nation.

Seeing the advise was sound, the president basically gave all his authority to Katie. Katie, who was brought to the country in chains, was now practically the president!

Katie ruled in wisdom and helped the country survive its time of poverty. But not just her country, others as well. Poverty was rampant around the world at the time, for there was a very severe famine. And guess who came to Katie for food?

Yup, you guessed it! Her sisters!

Though her sister’s didn’t realize it was her. Once they did, however, there was a great reunion!

Katie concluded by saying ‘What you meant for evil, God meant for good.’

Who was Katie?

Yup, you got it! Katie represented the story of Joseph’s life.

I realize that I have taken some liberties in rewriting this story. However, there are several things that have become clear to me as I was reading this story in Genesis recently.

  • Joseph suffered because of his brothers sin.

Although Joseph didn’t sin, he still suffered because of someone else’s. This is something I am currently experiencing. It’s not easy. But God can still use it!

  • Joseph focused on his character.

From the accounts we are given in scripture, Joseph never seems angry or unforgiving because of how he’d been wronged.

  • Joseph shone wherever he went.

When he was a slave, he served his master well. His master gave him great authority. While in prison, Joseph was still a role model. Somehow, he showed his leadership abilities and was put in charge of all the inmates. He also was asked for an interpretation of his fellow inmates dreams. While Joseph was serving Pharaoh, he showed such wisdom, he was given practically all the authority of Pharaoh.

  • God used his suffering for good.

Joseph himself proclaimed to his brothers ‘As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.’

Princess, if you’re feeling like Katie, just know, you can use this time effectively! If you’re suffering because of someone else’s sin, don’t forget to continue to build your character and shine for Jesus! 💕

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Just You

    1. Oh cool! Yes, there’s so much to learn from Joseph’s life! It’s cool how you can gain something new each time you study it! 😊 I hope you have a wonderful day, Grace! ❤️

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  1. I know Grace already said this, but I loved this!! I haven’t seen the story put in this light before. Although it’s always been one of my favourite stories, I have never realized that even through Joseph’s suffering, he still stuck to his character. That is definitely something I need to remember. 💗🤗 Thanks so much for this post, it was really timely.

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