Keep Seeking + Exercises in the Word

Do you ever feel like you’re trying SO hard to be close to God, but you just don’t feel Him?

Everyone has ‘dry’ seasons in their walk with God — a wilderness time. It’s hard. You may be seeking Him all the time — reading your Bible, praying, going to church — yet not feel His presence in return.

I just want to encourage you… KEEP SEEKING! God has not abandoned you! There could be a number of reasons you don’t feel Him — maybe God’s testing you, or there’s some sin in your life– but it’s never because He has given up on you! So, princess, keep seeking.

Jesus promised, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

In the original text, it is written in the continual — knock and keep knocking; seek and keep seeking; knock and keep knocking.

So, sister, keep seeking!

Pouring your heart out in prayer, fellowshipping/worshipping at church, and digging into God’s Word are great ways to do that! Here are some other creative ideas too:

**Note: Most of these ideas have been inspired from the excellent book ‘Beauty, Boys and Ball Gowns.’ It’s published by Crown of Beauty Magazine and is an amazing resource for Christian girls (specifically teens)! I would highly recommend it! 😊 End Note.**

-Go on a walk with Him! Just walk and talk with Jesus. And don’t be afraid to speak out loud… it may help keep your focus on Him. And give Him time to talk too! 🙂

-Use the script of a Psalm and personalize it. For example, Psalm 136 speaks of some of God’s marvelous works. In between each of the works mentioned are the words, ‘for His mercy endures forever.’ You could change His works to some of the marvelous things He’s done in your life! It’s also a great way to stay thankful!

-Be still before Him! You could brew a cup of coffee (or preferably tea 😉) and sit quietly before Him. And yes, that means no distractions — phones, computers, books, etc.

-Tell God your secrets. Although God already knows all your secrets, He wants you to tell them to Him… it can be so healing!

-Listen to your favorite love songs and imagine God is singing it over you. I LOVE this one! Just try it! 😊

-Sing a Psalm. It’s a wonderful way to praise God! Plus, you’re worshipping AND studying His Word! Double whammy! 😉

-Pray the Bible. This one may be kind of ‘generic,’ but it can be super powerful!

-Pick a verse to think about all day long. Do I need to elaborate… it’s so cool! 🙂

-Pick a passage and prepare for a Bible study. You don’t need to actually host one (although that could be great too) — just plan out a lesson and see what you learn! (Hint, it’ll probably be a lot!)

-Listen to a Christian Podcast. There are so many great ones to choose from, so have fun…

-Sing a worship song to Him. Better yet, sing and dance a worship song to Him!

-Hand letter or do art of God’s word. Y’all know I do this a lot, but seriously, it can be a great way to keep your attention on God and His Word. And you can totally post it somewhere, so you can be encouraged by it all the time!

What things help you to draw closer to God? Let me know your thoughts!

I hope that doing these things will help you to draw closer to God! Especially if you’re currently in a ‘dry time’ with the Lord. Just keep seeking! Jesus promises you will find Him!

And remember, time spent with the Lord is never wasted time! ❤️

Love in Christ, Noelle Rose


4 thoughts on “Keep Seeking + Exercises in the Word

  1. Omigoodness, I loved these ideas! (Sorry I’ve taken so long to comment! 🤣) I am so excited to start using these ideas, especially the unique ones, like picking a verse to think about all day … *immediately decides to do that one today* … so thank you Noelle, for this beautiful post, and just know that I do love every post you make, though I don’t always comment right away! 🤣🤗💗

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