Reminders to Keep You Fresh For 2021! + Life Update

It’s February. The excitement for the New Year has died down and you’re already wishing for spring.

Or summer.

Or if you’re like me, already hoping for Fall and Christmastime to make it’s appearance.

I’m joking, by the way. ;P

But in all seriousness, February can be kinda ‘blah,’ so it’s the perfect time to be reminded of God’s goodness and His purpose for your life! πŸ˜„ Actually, in all honesty, it’s always the perfect time to be reminded of those things, right?!

So that’s what I hope this post will serve as: as reminder of those things. ❀️

**Quick side note: if ya’ll have recommendations for how to improve intros, I am obviously in desperate need of it, so please let me know. ;)**

Reminders to Keep you Fresh in 2021!

Remember Who You Are In Christ!

For me, it can be easy to forget my royal identity. I need to be reminded that I am:

  • Chosen
  • Holy and without blame –To be holy means that we are set apart. God has set you apart! And you are now without blame for your sin!
  • Predestined
  • Adopted as sons — so we have full rights as sons and daughters, including an inheritance! Generous, huh?! Just think what that makes you, my friend. That makes you a princess! A daughter of the Highest King!
  • Redeemed and forgiven
  • Obtained an inheritance — imagine what an inheritance from the Owner of the Universe is like! Whew! And we’ve already obtained it. (v. 11)
  • Beloved — we are dearly loved by God! Amazing!
  • Sealed

Whew! What a list! And that’s only from the first chapter in Ephesians! There’s still more! But I think you get the idea — In Christ, you are a beautiful new creation!

Prioritize God’s Business Over Your’s

This one can be really hard, as it takes a lot of faith.

If God is calling you to do something that’s pretty time consuming when you’re already busy, it can be hard to ‘fit it into your schedule.’ But that’s the problem — God honors those who trust Him, so take the leap of faith that it takes to do what He is calling you to do. Then you can find time to do the things you have to do.

I know, it’s a totally different mindset. But think about it this way, if you put your things in the schedule and leave the things of God in the ‘spare time,’ when do you think you’ll get them done? And who are you putting first then? Obedience like that surely takes faith and may be scary, but it’s a worthwhile venture! (I’m speaking for myself too, by the way. πŸ˜‰)

Those are some things that I need to remember. Especially as I become busier with various activities. Oh ya, I was supposed to share a life update…

Life Update

Well, I’m know you’d never guess it, but I’m incredibly busy right now!

For one, I am involved with a speech and debate league, which takes a TON of work!

Although not super time-consuming, I am taking a fun sign language class with my sister! I’ve really been enjoying that!

My family has also been going on a hike a week. I love the outdoors and exercise, so that’s been fun!

And I now get to babysit the sweetest, cutest two year old ever! (at least in my biased opinionπŸ˜‰). She is super sweet and being able to play with her all day once a week AND get paid for it, is quite a blessing! Especially as I’ve have been praying for work opportunities! 😊

So ya, I’m a bit busy right now!πŸ˜‰ That’s why it may feel like I’m neglecting y’all. I’m not! I just need better time management and priorities!

God is good, guys! ❀️

So there you have it — a life update from Noelle and some lessons/reminders I need to keep in mind for the rest of 2021! (Well, always, actually. πŸ˜‰)

7 thoughts on “Reminders to Keep You Fresh For 2021! + Life Update

  1. Your writing is beautiful! (Ahhh, I totally understand how babysitting could take up a lot of time! I think the “terrific twos” is one of the cutest ages! πŸ˜…)

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  2. Such a great post, Noelle! I love the reminder of who we are in Christ! Always wonderful to be reminded of that! Sounds like you’ve been busy! I have too! I’m working ahead in school to get done by late April, early May and I’ve had a ton of jobs/service projects/social life stuff to keep up with! I’m also taking a speech class (not debate) which I honestly am not really enjoying. I kind of dread speaking in front of people, but it’s a good (if not a bit stretching) experience!
    Keep livin’ your busy life for Him!
    Grace ❀

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    1. Aww, thank you, Grace! ❀️

      Wow! You really are busy! How do you make time for everything?? That’s amazing! I’ve got nothing on you! 😜

      That’s a bummer you aren’t really enjoying your speech class! It definitely does take a lot to become comfortable speaking in front of people! But how do you not like it??? It’s so fun! Well… I guess having been involved in a competitive Christian league for 7 years will do that to you, though! 😜 Just out of curiosity, though, (and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to), what program are you taking your speech class?

      I hope you are having a wonderful day, Grace! Yes, keep living your busy life for Him too! ❀️

      Love in Christ,

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      1. Hmmm, that sounds like a blog post…. I might use that… I do a bunch of things to prioritize my time so I get everything done, but really I just keep working and if I don’t get some things done then, as long I tried my hardest, I’m good with it.

        Yeah, it kind of is. I mean, I’m kind of enjoying some of it, the memorizing of scripture for it, and the academic side of it, it’s just the actually speaking in front of people that I dread. I’m kind of shy, but I’m getting better with every speech. I use the ACE program.

        Thanks so much, Noelle! ❀

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        1. Yes! I can’t wait to hear your tips! 😊 That’s a good perspective!

          Oh neat! That sounds like a cool program, though I don’t know much about them! 😊 I’m pretty shy too, so I can totally relate! πŸ˜‰ I hope it goes well for you! ❀️

          Have a fabulous rest of your day! ❀️

          Love in Christ,

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  3. This was a great reminder, Noelle! (Sorry I’m late reading your posts. Oh well. I haven’t even had the time to write posts for my own blog…) Sign language is so much fun. I do a bit in my spare time (which is like never now πŸ˜‚). School and other things take up most my time nowadays, and I’m trying to get super ahead in my school so I can have more time to focus on Bible Bee and trying to earn money this summer.

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