Tips to Save Money in 2021

Spending less and developing good money habits is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions/goals for Americans.

It’s also something that’s super important for teenagers!

Especially for girls… 🤭 Did I just say that? 😬 Ever heard of… the mall? Amazon? Clothes? 😅

Anyways, whether you’re a teenager saving for college, a car, or developing financial self control, or just an ordinary American trying to save money to fulfill you’re New Year’s goals, I’ve got some tips for you to save money! 😊

But first let me just say, though, there’s nothing wrong with spending money if you can afford it. These are just tips for those of us who are trying to save money right now. 

Here they are: 

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-Make and stick to a budget —having a budget that shows exactly where EVERY CENT goes, is absolutely a necessity if you want to be financially successful. And of course, it only works if you stick to it. (Maybe that’s why you’re looking at this article…. well keep on reading. 😉)

-Use cash — Using cash activate pain centers in the brain, while a credit/ debit card doesn’t. Seeing that, it’s no wonder that people who use cash spend a whole lot less! 

-Don’t go to stores you don’t need to go to. Especially if you’re naturally a spender, avoid going to stores that you don’t intend to buy something there. It’s really easy to find something that you want and impulsively buy it! My aunt likes to say, ”If I cant have it I don’t want to know it exists.” 😉

-If there’s something that costs a bit more than you would usually spend, but you really want, give it a couple days to think about it. Often times, after you have some time to think it over, your desire for that item might start to diminish. (At least for me). It’s better to find out you don’t need/want something before you buy it, than after. 

-Shop at thrift stores!! Thrift stores have SO MANY great deals for all sorts of wonderful treasures. 

-Research your options. There are so many alternatives to so many things, check out the options you have. You’ll be able to weigh which styles, colors, qualities, quantities, brands, or prices you like best. 😊

-Use coupons or wait for sales. With so much online shopping, it’s usually not too hard to find some handy-dandy money-saving coupons! There are also extensions, like Honey, that are free and can save you lots of money, by automatically searching and applying coupons.*

*Not an affiliate link. I only provided it for your benefit! 😊

-Just because something is a great deal, doesn’t mean it’s a great deal for you. Something may be found at a great discount, but that doesn’t mean that it’s what you need. 

Image from Pinterest

-One last thing — the most important — it’s important to make sure that when you’re spending, it’s not because of a discontentment. Be sure in your heart that you are fully satisfied with the many blessings God has blessed you with —and me with! If you’re content, seeking God, then if you have a goal that is God-honoring for your money, than it will be much easier to keep it! And if the numbers aren’t adding up, He’ll provide! He always does! 😊

I hope that these tips will help you to save money in 2021 and help accomplish any financial goals you may have! ❤️

What tips do you have? What helps you to save money?

4 thoughts on “Tips to Save Money in 2021

  1. I love these tips! Thanks for sharing them, Noelle! I love what you mentioned about making sure we’re not spending out of discontentment. What a great reminder!
    A couple tips that have helped me save money are:
    Creating goals to save money towards. When I have a goal I’m saving money towards (like college or a new camera) it makes it so much more exciting to set that money aside, watching my saved amount increased towards that goal, instead of spending it.
    Another tip I’ve found really helpful is only brining a limited amount of cash into stores. Having only a little bit of cash on hand to buy things with at a stores keeps me frugal and helps me to think through what I buy.
    Sorry, I just realized how long this comment is! Anyways, thanks for writing this post! I enjoyed reading it!

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    1. Thank you so much for those tips! I totally agree! I don’t usually bring money in with me into stores (or at least, not a lot) either! And yes, GOALS!! I love them! Thanks for sharing! I always love hearing other people’s tips too! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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