New Year’s Productivity

Hello Princess!

It’s been a minute. πŸ‘‹

I hope you had a very nice Christmas! πŸŽ„

I had planned on dropping a post on Christmas, but alas, I didn’t. I should have known. So, seeing as next Thursday/Friday will also be a holiday, I thought I’d do it today!

{*Pats myself on the back*}

Can you believe it???? 2021!!!!

New Years brings new goals and resolutions. They usually have to do with increasing productivity, exercising more, and eating healthier, with some money saving goals sprinkled in there. So I figured that I would write about ways to increase productivity. πŸ˜ƒ

Here are my best productivity tips:

  • Set aside your phone. It’s really easy to lose track of time (and purpose) when you’re texting, so don’t work with it near you. Put it face down. In another room. Locked up in your safe. Whatever you do, DON’T keep in within arms reach. It’s deadly to productivity. (Also, if you can text on your computer, consider turning off notifications, to reduce that temptation too!)

  • Drink Water. Lots of it! A lot of my friends have been telling me this, so I tried it out. And it’s true! It is much easier to stay motivated and focused if you stay hydrated. My friend Christina, from Christina and Camera, has a whole bunch of great ways to drink more water. (You can check them out here.)

  • Eat healthy. Avoid lots of sugar — it’s drains your brain power. Well, it drains mine, and I hear that’s the same for most people. Processed foods also aren’t usually a good choice, as it does the same thing. But a good choice is…. lots of fruits, vegetables, and protein!
  • Take a break. It might seem anti-common-sensical, but it’s actually proven that people are most productive when they take a quick mental break. I’ve heard that 30 minutes of work and then a 5 minute break is ideal.

  • Do your least favorite task first. It’ll give you a sense of satisfaction and will motivate you to continue through that to-do list. ohhh… did I not mention that one yet???

  • TO DO LIST… for me, this is the most important one! This one could just be me, but doesn’t it just feel marvelous to get through the whole list!!

Well, there you have it, the best tips I have for you to increase you productivity in the new year! 😁

Have a wonderful day! ❀️

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Productivity

  1. Hey Noelle, Happy New Year ^.^
    Thanks for this bit of a post, to the point, encouraging, and cheerful as always – brightened my evening ❀

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  2. These are such good points! One thing I do to help my productivity is make a list of things I need to do that don’t involve the computer. It’s so easy to get on the computer to do something like school and get then get sidetracked.

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