Your Name Isn’t Failure

Merry Christmas, Princess!

Can you believe it will be Christmas in ONE week and ONE day????!!!!! Where has December gone??

Since I have barely started my Christmas shopping, (ahem…) I was going to take you on my exotic shopping spree through all the amazing DIY projects that would be budget friendly and meaningful for the receiver. But alas, the inspo never came, so I’ll take you on an even more exotic journey.

One that will take us through….

**Side note: If ya’ll have any ideas, please comment them below. As I said, I’m really lacking on inspo right now. End of side note.**

The Story of Peter’s Failure

A lot of us can relate with the Apostle Peter (especially me!). He was the one who could never find the right time to say the right thing. He even had the audacity to rebuke Jesus, whom he had professed to be the Christ. (Mark 8: 27-33) Let’s just say, Peter had some problems — some failures. Some big ones, too!

It all started here:

The image came from here.

The Mount of Olives.

Jesus quotes a passage from Zechariah predicting that the Shepherd would be struck and the sheep would be scattered.

But in typical Peter fashion, he promises that “even if all are made to stumble, yet I will not be.” Wow!

Then Jesus addresses Peter saying, “Assuredly, I say to you that today, even this night, before the rooster crows twice, you will deny Me three times.”

But Peter’s self-confidence remains high! (Rated: Red) “he spoke more vehemently, ‘If I have to die with you, I will not deny You.'”

Then we go to the Garden of Gethsemane.

Jesus asks His disciples to watch Him pray. Yet they fall asleep. Jesus wakes them up and repeats the command to pray. However, they fall asleep two more times, when they should have been praying.

Then it happens.

Soldiers come into garden and arrest Jesus and bring Him to a night trial. Peter follows them. It is there that Peter commits his worse failure up to that point. And that he’ll ever make.

He denies knowing Jesus.

He denies knowing Jesus.

He denies knowing Jesus.

Yup, three times.

Then the rooster crowed. And he caught eye contact with Jesus.

What’s interesting, though, is that after Peter denies Jesus, the Bible refers to Peter as Simon — his old name, his name before he knew Jesus.

Peter’s Restoration

After Peter’s denial and the resurrection, we come here:

The image came from here.

to the Sea of Galilee!

It is here that Jesus has a fairly well-know account with Peter, where He asks Peter if he loves Him.

I’m sure you know the account. Jesus asks Peter three times “Simon, son of Jonah, d you love me?”

The first two times, Peter replies, “Yes, Lord; you know that I love You.”

But in the third question, Jesus uses a different word for love in the original text than the first two times. In the first two times, Jesus asks if Peter love Him with an agape (unconditional) love. In response to those questions, Peter said that he love Jesus with a phileo (like the love between friends) love.

But when Jesus asks Peter for a third time, He uses the word phileo. Then Peter is grieved and responded “Lord, you know all things; You know that I love You.”

Lessons From Peter

*Note: a lot of these points came from a sermon that you can find here. end of note* 😄

  • God Shaped Peter With His Failure — Peter’s great failure, denying the Lord several times, caused a significant change in Peter’s attitude. He went from being over-self-confident, to be a humble man who seemed to feel completely unworthy of being a disciple of the Lord. Sometimes, it takes failure for us to recognize the dirtiness of even our best.
  • Be Honest With God, Not Prideful — That change in Peter resulted to his answering Jesus’ questions differently. Rather than saying ‘I would be the first to die for you and the last to deny you,’ he describes himself as having merely a phileo love. Yet Jesus didn’t condemn him for that. He gave Peter the responsibility to ‘Feed My sheep.’ God knows our hearts. It’s better to be honest and humble with Him, than prideful.
  • No Failure is Too Big to Separate You From God’s Love — Whether you deny Jesus three times or commit any other sin, God can still forgive you — and restore you!
  • No Failure Can Make You ‘Unusable’ By God — God can use you no matter what failures you have. In Peter’s case, he went from denying Jesus three times to becoming a major church father and an early martyr.

I must say, I am very susceptible to calling myself and my work a failure. So this is a reminder to myself. God can use my failures to shape me into who He wants me to be. And He can use me anyway.

Don’t let the enemy scare you into saying you’re not useable by God because of you’re failures — Peter was. And so can you!

I hope that that encourages you, knowing that you aren’t defined by your failures. But that God defines you through who you are in Christ! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

Have a very merry Christmas!!

And don’t forget to give me some inspo for cheap, awesome presents. 😅

What lessons stood out to you????

8 thoughts on “Your Name Isn’t Failure

  1. Loved this post, Noelle! A great encouragement! As to the inspo side of things…. I got my friend a journal, my other friend a magazine subscription (Brio from Focus on the Family) My family doesn’t do presents except between siblings if we want so I got the whole fam an Andy Griffith Show DVD. Our fam loves Andy Griffith! I didn’t do this for Christmas but I gave some of my sibs a movie night with popcorn, desserts, special drinks, and a tent with lights and lots of blankets. They absolutely loved it! ❤ Hope that helps a bit! 😉

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