Don’t Worry + Giveaway!!!

WARNING: this is another fairly long post… I hope its well worth your time!

If you’re like me, I’m sure you are well acquainted with the ‘what if’ game. You know, coming up with unlikely scenarios that make you worry about the simplest things.

Gary Richmond sure was. As are most zookeepers are, according to him.

In his book ‘A View From the Zoo’ he recounts that zookeepers are ‘olympian quality What-Ifers.’ All of the zookeepers there were particularly fearful of the 950 lb Polar Bear, Ivan (who was aggressive, killing 2 polar bears and taking every opportunity to swipe at a keeper).

So at lunch break one day, they played their traditional ‘what if’ games, eventually turning the game towards Ivan.

Today was Gary’s turn to take care of Ivan’s cage, with the help of a newer keeper. The keeper, deeply concentrated on his task of cleaning Ivan’s pool and undoubtedly playing the ‘what-if’ game, stood in the middle of the enclosure with the door to his back.

So Gary crept into the enclosure after him. Having come to the keeper, Gary let out a roar and shook him. In the moment, the keeper was so startled he tried to climb the hose for a second! And afterwards he had some (very) unkind words to say!

Oh, the power of fear!

What happens when we worry about the improbable!

What’s funny, is that polar bears don’t even roar! But when you’re overcome by fear and all the what-ifs, you don’t realize the facts of the situation!

We are continually told ‘not to worry.’ From friends. And family. The top of this post. And from the Jesus!

Yet despite the constant reminders we get to stop worrying, it seems as if we all have a chronic habit of worrying (at least, the people I know — including myself). Perhaps not anxiety per se, though it is for some, but constant worrying about family, figure, friends, finances, future…. well, life. 😆

“Don’t Worry — I Got Your Back!”

There is literally NOTHING to worry about!

Cuz guess what?

God’s got your back! 😃

Seriously, He PROMISES to take care of you! And promises ALWAYS come to pass!

Yes, the world is crazy. Yes, you may be struggling. Yes, you may not have enough money to pay your bills. Maybe you do have problems with anxiety attacks or any host of other problems.

But seriously, don’t worry!!

Tomorrow will have its own set of problems! So don’t waste todays energy on them! How will you fight if you’re already depleted of energy from worrying yesterday about something that will likely never happen?

God will take care of you!

“Don’t Worry… consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin; and yet, I say too you, even Solomon in all of his glory was not arrayed like one of these. If then God so clothes the grass…. how much more will He clothe you?”

He takes care of the lilies and the sparrows! Aren’t you of more worth than them?!

Princess, when God is on your side, there’s nothing to worry about! He’ll provide for you! Maybe only for today’s needs, but when does tomorrow come? He’s got a plan and a purpose. He is always on the throne and He is FOR you!

So give it to God! It’s so freeing! 😃

Of course, I say all this, but it is still so easy to worry about life — I seem to do it everyday! But surrender is something you do daily. It’s something I have to do everyday! And when you do, it is so freeing. And once you give up the wheel, God will bring you to some awesome places!

I hope you find freedom in surrendering to Christ today, Princess!

Oh right, I almost forgot about the GIVEAWAY!!!

You may have noticed there’s an additional tab in the menu! It’s where you can find some of the things I sell on my brand new Etsy shop!

So, the giveaway.

All you have to do to enter is 1) be a follower of my blog; and 2) comment on one of my posts (you’ll have to comment this week though — November 5-11) The winner will be announced next Thursday! 😃

There are ways you can get entered more than once, but you’ll have to go to the ‘Shop A Rose for the Lord’ tab in the top menu to find how. 😜

I hope that you are blessed by my shop! And good luck! 😁

AND THERE ARE NEW POLLS, so be sure to check those out too! Man, lots of news today!

Have a wonderful day, my friend!

Love in Christ, Noelle

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