Receiving and Responding — Part Seven of a Biblical Study on Prayer

Whew!! It’s the last post! I hope you’ve been blessed by this series!! 😃

The information in this post is the stuff that we wish we can use all the time, right??!! Getting our prayer requests answered with a ‘yes’ is VVVEEERRRYYY exciting, especially when you’ve been praying for that ‘thing’ for a long time!! 

How are we to respond to what we have received from God? 

  1. Give Thanks

Well, first of all, if you have received something from God (which everything good comes front God), remember to give thanks. 

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” —1 Thessalonians 5:18

When we receive something from Christ, don’t forget to thank God. Don’t forget to give ALL credit to God. 

But remember, Paul writes to give thanks in ALL circumstances. That includes in the time that you’re waiting.

  1. Share it!

I’d God has blessed you with an answered prayer, share it! Encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ, when given the opportunity. 

Just last week, I was working on a sewing project for someone. As I began the project, I couldn’t find my black thread, which I knew I had a huge spool of. I prayed that I would find it, but I couldn’t. Even after a LONG time of looking! So I tried another color, though it looked terrible. After a lot of frustration —almost to the point of tears—I finally found a bobbin with black thread! Miraculously, the bobbin lasted the WHOLE PROJECT!! And it still has some on it!! I couldn’t help but thinking of the miracles that Elijah would do, where a flask of oil wouldn’t run out. Isn’t it amazing when God answers your prayer? Or He does a miracle to answer your prayer?!!!

The Never-Ending Spool of Thread! 🙂

Remember the crazy, demon-possessed man that lived in the tombs, whom Jesus healed? What Jesus tell him to do?

“Go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” — Mark 5:19

Do you think that Jesus has a different commandment for us? Considering He gave told us to ‘Go out and make disciples of all nations,’ I don’t think so. I think He wants us to share what He has done for us AT EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY!!

Share the victories that God has done for you! It’ll definitely encourage others! 😃

And be thankful!

I hope that God answers many of your prayers! And I hope that in return, you share God’s victories and are super thankful! 💕

Have a great day, princess!

Love in Christ, Noelle Rose

4 thoughts on “Receiving and Responding — Part Seven of a Biblical Study on Prayer

    1. Yes, He does!! It’s funny how little things can be SO impactful. ❤️

      Actually, I just had another one of those ‘little miracles’ this week. My sister and I were taking care of a neighbor’s animals while they were gone. I had counted the chickens (which I NEVER do), but that day some of my siblings went over to look at/pet their animals. Evidently they went into the chicken coop, as that evening there appeared to be one less chicken. So I prayed that it would return. When it didn’t, I prayed some more. And more. After we had gone over there a couple times and it hadn’t returned, we told the neighbor. Turns out, that’s how many chickens there were to begin with! What a relief!! It may be ‘insignificant,’ but it sure made me smile and thank Him… 😀It’s amazing that He made a GIANT universe, but He cares about a little girl worrying about a ‘lost’ chicken!! 😃


      1. Wow, Noelle! Such a great story! And I understand more then you’d think because we also have chickens. We’ve lost many (and found all of them, praise God!) One particular time we had just gotten new chickens and they weren’t getting along very well. Two escaped the coop and we couldn’t find them for weeks! We we’re praying that the Lord would keep them safe from predators, but we weren’t really expecting to see them again. Well, one day, someone spotted one of the chickens in our neighbors yard! We chased it down (quite literally!) and put it back in the coop. And then just a few days after that the other chicken was brought to our door by other neighbors! An unexpected answer to a seemingly insignificant prayer request. God truly cares for the smallest of sparrows and most definitely a chicken! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh wow!! 😊 That’s amazing!! I just love that God cares about even smallest details in our lives!! Even chickens! That’s funny that we both have stories of God answering our prayers about chickens.


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