I don’t know about you, princess, but my personality type is one that is pretty much (is definitely) a people-pleaser. As what everyone else is doing is morally fine, I’ll do it too! And have a blast at it!! But that also means that I have a hard time saying no to people —and opportunities. 

That means I sign myself up for a lot of things that maybe don’t quite (or more accurately, don’t) align myself with my long-term goals. 

As a result, my plate gets so full that I can’t savor anything on it. I can no longer do any of it well. And that’s where my problem is. 

I need to say no. 






No no no no

Honestly, that felt good, didn’t it?!

No no NO!!! 

Now I gotta practice saying it in real life. Like when something comes up that I want to do, but it simply doesn’t fit into my long-term plans. 

Oh, and by the way, saying no doesn’t mean you are mean — there are plenty of kind ways of saying no and making the person on the other end feel like you really care about them and love them. You could say something like this:

“I would love to do that with you, but I am already too busy to do anything well.”

“While that would be awesome, it really doesn’t help me achieve my long-term goals.”

“That would be AMAZING, but it wouldn’t be wise for me to do that at this time.”

There you have it. You can be the nicest person ever by saying everyone’s least favorite word: NO!! 

So, what about you? Do you find it easy to say no to the things that just don’t seem to align with you goals? What about to friends when they ask for your honest opinion? Do you find it easy to say no to an unnecessary or unwise purchase? Which do you find hardest?

Well, farewell! No, that’s a bad way to end a post. 🤪 There, I said no in real life! No!!! No! No. 

Have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “NO!!!!

  1. Well don’t feel bad, I’m in my young fifties and I still can’t say no. I don’t want to hurt anyone or let them down. So I say yes and usually dread doing that thing I did not want to but couldn’t say no too. I like your excuses to say no nicely. I’ll have to remember those. Great idea’s.

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