Hello There!

Hey princess,

Long time no see.

Aloha! Hi! Hello! Guten tag!

How’s life?


I seem to have been ignoring y’all, haven’t I?

Actually, there’s a lot of exciting changes coming. Yeppers. There are!

You may have even noticed that I changed the look of my whole blog! I have made some especially fun and exciting changes on my welcome page!! You can check them out here.

Also, I am going to be changing my post schedule. From now on, I will be posting every Thursday, rather than every Friday.

Ohhh…..I have another really EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT coming… but you’ll have to wait for that one. šŸ¤”

I hope you enjoy the new changes, princess! Let me know what you think. Do you like the new style? How’s the new home page? Is it an upgrade or a downgrade?

Have a wonderful day!

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