May the Peace Be with You

Does it wear you out too? All the bickering, complaining, arguing, fighting that goes on in the world? Whether it’s between siblings, friends, organizations, or any one else, there is nothing that wears me out more, that contention. Disunity. Ugh… it just WEARS. ME. OUT. 

But maybe there’s a reason that it’s that way. Perhaps it’s cuz we have an enemy. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because we were created for something much greater than what this world had to offer. Greater than the unrest. The disunity. The contention. 

Yes, princess, it’s true. We’re in a war. A war for the very souls of each and every person. As princesses of the Most High King, we are a light to this very lost world. They’re watching us. 
And that’s why we are to be peacemakers. 

We are going to throw peace around like confetti. 

But how do we actually make peace? 

I’ve gotta admit, I am not always the best at creating a peaceful environment (just ask my siblings about that). In fact, I’m writing this cuz I need to hear it—and practice it! 

Despite that, I do know that in order to create peace you must first have peace inside of you. But, sister, an inner rest no matter your circumstances is only possible through Jesus. 

He says to rejoice, pray without ceasing. And then He will give us a peace that surpasses all understanding. 

Not only that, but He also tells us to let the peace of God rule our lives. The word that He uses for rule can be translated umpire—let peace umpire your life. If something seems unreasonable but you have an inexplainable sense of peace about it, you can know that that is what you are to do. 

Yes, princess, God gives you the tools to accept His generous gift of perfect peace that you are to shower on those around you. That, my friend, will not go unnoticed. That will be a powerful witness to those around you. 

Despite all the chaos around us, we will create a center of peace.

May the peace be with you, princess!

Love in Christ,


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