Happy Independence Day!!!!

Happy Independence Day, princess!!!!! 🎊🎆

I love Independence Day so I thought I’d share something a bit different and special for it: Ideas for keeping cool this summer.

-Make some new/fun treat. 

Summer is the perfect excuse for making your favorite refreshing orange sorbet (I love this one) or a nice iced tea. Ooooh, a nice mint chocolate milkshake would really do the trick! What a treat!!! Make it better, invite a friend to enjoy it with. 

-Water sports

It’s a classic, but for good reason.  Whether it’s going swimming in your own pool, a friend’s, or even at a local community pool, it’s a great way to get some exercise, fresh air, and fun!! If you’re not a fan of swimming, there’s always the classic water ballon fight or the good ole hand dandy spray bottle (which I sometimes like to carry around to spray myself with… and occasionally I’ll spray my siblings with it). 

-Drink Water— lots of it!! 💧💧💧

Are you ready for breaking news?? Water is essential for all human life. 🤭Shocking, I know. If you don’t like drinking water plain, try putting in some ice and lemon (or other citrus, cucumber, peach, or combinations of different fruits.). But seriously, the more water you drink, the better you’ll feel, especially in the summer heat. 

-Sleep outside

Fresh air is soooo good for you, but its usually too hot to do anything outside during the day. So instead sleep outside! Curl up comfy in a hammock or a trampoline!

-Host a party

Bring some friends over and have a BLAST!! Make some pretty invitations, plan some activities, make some goodies, and HAVE FUN!! You’ll be talking about it for weeks!

-Learn an instrument

Put some time into learning or refining your musical abilities with whatever instrument you enjoy most. It’s a wonderful way to make use of your summer while staying cool.

-Take up a new hobby.

Whether it’s hand lettering, bullet journaling, blogging, photography, or anything else, its also a good way to enjoy your summer.

-Call a friend.

Though many places are still in quarantine, it’s important (and fun) to stay up to date with your friends. Make a phone call, or better yet, write a letter to your good ole pal.

So princess, which idea did you like best? Which ones did you do? How else do you keep cool during the summer?

Love in Christ,


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