Don’t Clutter Your Attic!

We were driving the rocky dirt road on our way to the lake we were to kayak, enjoying the ‘four-wheeling’ experience with the truck’s windows rolled down, letting in the cool wind. My five siblings and I was enjoying the love songs that were blaring through the speakers — and ‘singing’ along with them with our heads sticking out the window. It was a sight to behold. And it was a BLAST!!!!

Kayaking was quite enjoyable. The trip returning to camp was just as fun as the trip to the lake — full of singing (more like shouting) love songs, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. We all retired to our hammocks, as it was late when we returned, and had a good night’s rest.

I woke up to the bird’s pleasant chirping and my singing along with them — the love songs we were singing the night before. At that instant, I was horrified. I was waking up singing secular love songs?? It was at that point, I decided that I was going to wake up singing love songs to God.

God has created you with such a magnificent mind that your brain has a storage capacity of 2.5 petabytes. That’s enough storage to record 3 million hours of TV shows that, if you watched continuously, would take you more than 300 years to get through them all, according to the Scientific American. Impressive, huh?

Well, as magnificent as your brain is, I realized that morning that there’s no spare room for junk. What you let into your mind, becomes the things you think about. As Ben Courson reminds us, what you think becomes what you say. The things you say become the things you do. The things you do become the habits your form. The habits you form makes you who are. Who you are defines what your destiny will be.

That’s why I determined to be intentional about what I let go up the stairs.

Princess, each of us will have different convictions and boundaries as to what we will let upstairs. But you need to make those boundaries intentionally in the first place. That doesn’t mean you have to be a super-religious person who only listens to Christian music and reads the Bible. That would be a bit like the pharisees whom Jesus despised, so we don’t want to be like that. But you do want to keep in mind what kind of things would make God smile over you — His princess. It’s all about where your heart is. (Which means your can praise God with some secular songs, just as you don’t necessarily with praise songs, if your heart isn’t there.)

Another thing, as much as I don’t want to let junk in, I desire to get rid of existing junk. I want to let go of all bitterness, contempt, and malice. Naturally, I think we all want to get rid of that. There’s no spare room in that attic of yours, princess! I must say, it’s really hard and I struggle with it a lot, but in the end God wants better for you than clutter. He wants to give you love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. I don’t know about you, sister, but that’s the kind of stuff I want in my attic!! What about you?

Love in Christ,


2 thoughts on “Don’t Clutter Your Attic!

  1. What I do is think if Jesus was standing there, would I watch that, listen to that, read that, etc. It helps me to decide to make the right choice each time.

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    1. That’s great advice!! Always a great measuring stick to determine if you should do something! And the cool thing is, in Spirit, He is standing right there! 😁


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