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8 Ways to be More Fulfilled

Although we all have some important things to do during the day, I’ve found that there are several things that, as Americans, we often forget or neglect to do. I also believe that if more American’s  added these eight things their routines that our generation would be significantly more fulfilled and less depressed.

  1. Have time off the internet

Designate some time where you don’t have your phone with you. For most Americans, this is really hard, but it’s also really rewarding. As I’m sure you’ve heard, social media is believed to be a major reason for the depression/anxiety epidemic in America. Quit caring so much about your social media status, and you’ll feel a lot happier.

  1. Spend Some Time Outside

Going outside and getting fresh air is a vital component for staying mentally and physically healthy. However, going outside just to enjoy God’s magnificent creation is a great way to connect with God (As there are generally a lot less distractions and everything seems a lot more adventurous)!! Also, during the whole coronavirus thing, going outside was really refreshing — and helped me keep my sanity (at least, for the most part).

  1. Read

It is scientifically proven that reading a paper book is one of the best things you can do for your brain. While I would rather listen to an audio book than actually read a book, I recognize that it is important to sit down and read a good book. As you know, readers are leaders. Take time out of your busy schedule to invest in yourself. (Fun fact: approximately 80% of Americans will never read a book after college! Crazy,  huh?)

  1. Tidy Up

I don’t know about you, but I can’t tolerate my work space to be messy. It drives me crazy and makes me significantly less productive. Whether you’re the same way or not, I’m sure we can all agree that having a tidy work place is nice and helps make you work more productively. Set aside some time to tidy up — it’ll help you, I promise!!

  1. Do Something that Gives you Joy

God has given you a unique purpose, a unique set of preferences, and a unique passion. So if something gives you joy, it’s no accident — God gave that passion to you for a purpose. Spend some time honing the skill that God has set your soul on fire to do. Allow some time in your schedule to do whatever it is that gives you joy and purpose. 

  1. Spend time with Friends

I know, I know. We’re all so busy and it’s impossible to do everything that we want to do, but there are some things that we just need to make time for. Being in good fellowship, though, is an essential. Take time to enjoy the time you have with your friends, whether they are your siblings, cousins, neighbors, or someone you’ve met, spend the time to enjoy each others company. Laugh and play like five year olds. Don’t care what others think of you, just have FUN, princess!!! 🤣

  1. Serve Others

Jesus called us to care for the poor and the needy. We as Christians are identified by our love which is manifested by our joy as we are serving others. It’s no surprise, then, that serving is satisfying, rewarding, fun, gives us joy, and is to be done often. However, it seems to me that as Christians, we kind of brush aside that command. So let’s time some time out of our packed schedule to obey the decree from our Father — the Highest King. I can assure you, you will feel more fulfilled while/after you have done some act of serve to help out someone in your community.

  1. Have a Quiet Time with God

The most important choice you have in this lifetime is to have a relationship with Jesus. Princesses, spend time to be still before your Father. Study His word. Talk to Him. Enjoy being loved by Him. This is the most important thing you can do. Yet so often it is neglected. Make time to do the most important things in life and everything else will fall into place. 🤣

These things, though I don’t do them perfectly at ALL, have helped me be much more joyful and I believe they will help you too! So, my friends, love more, serve more, live life more abundantly and let your love for Jesus grow! 💕

Love in Christ, 


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