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Hand Lettering Tips (That Apply to Every Area of Life)

Lacking motivation or creativity for your hand lettering project? That’s a common problem I seem to have. But once I heard this simple tip, it seems that my creativity has spiked and my hand lettering has improved significantly. Are you ready? It’ll surprise you. 

A group of secular neuroscientists came together to discover what is best for your brain. After many scans and much research they came out with the shocking results. Reading ranked in the top three, as did exercise. Those are no-brainers. But the best thing to do to spike your creativity and enhance the performance of your frontal lobe was — drum roll please — prayer. Yes, that’s right, praying and meditation is the best thing you can do for your brain. Not only that, but they also discovered that if you are praying to a God you believe is angry or otherwise alienated towards you, it is actually detrimental to your mental health. Praying to a God that you believe is loving, cares for you, and is for you is the best thing you can do to enhance your creativity (and these findings are from secular scientists). 

So the best tip I — or anyone else — can offer you when you are running dry on inspiration is to cover your art in prayer. Not only will it enhance your hand lettering (or other art skills), but it will also be very good for your spiritual journey as you become closer to God. When you cover your art with prayer, not only does usually turn out nicer, but I believe it has a greater potential to bless those who come in contact with it. (Not to mention, just feeling the love of God flow through you is AMAZING!) 

You may have noticed that I said this was tips for hand letting. Covering your art with prayer is the best thing you can do for it, but that doesn’t mean that everything else will just magically fall into place. So the next best piece advice I can give is this: practice. Surprise! I bet no one else would tell you that! (JK, I bet everyone would. But it really is true!) Playing around with different styles, fonts, techniques, colors, and designs is crucial to advancing your hand lettering skills, so be patient and persevere. Unfortunately, skill never comes overnight, so enjoy the ride! 😁

Here are some of my recents. They aren’t perfect, but each seems to be progressively better (which is what we’re aiming for). Please feel free to share your favorite techniques, tips, and tricks in the comments. Also, Let me know which design you like best. 😄

This comes from a verse in Psalms that creates a cool mental picture. Should I shadow the word ‘rain?’
Who doesn’t need a little reminder to love more?
I was trying out different shadowing techniques and really like the way this turned out!
Joy is a choice. Be joyful! Always!
I love the way the accented words turned out! I’m not sure what I think of the sloppy fillers though.
Hmm… I think this one might have a thing or two to do with this post.
Be sweet like a pineapple! I love the saying and I think the block turned out nicely.
This is by far one of my favorites! I got the basic idea from a really helpful hand lettering book called Hand Lettering for Faith by Amy Latta.

Love in Christ,


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