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😢Turn That Frown Upside Down😂

Undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts that God has given us, is His joy. I’ve heard it argued that the reason ‘joy’ is preceded only by love, when Paul lists the fruits of the Spirit, is because the only fruit greater than joy, is love. God wants us to be joyful. The psalmist instructs us to “clap our hands; shout to God with cries of joy.” (Psalm 47:1)

I get it, sister. Today’s just not going the way it should be. But guess what? Even today your Loving Heavenly Father wants to give you joy. So Sister, turn that frown upside down and the let the joy of the Lord fill you up so that His joy bubbles right out of you.

My dear, take a moment to reflect on these marvelous truths:

  1. “You are worth far more than rubies.” Just for the fun of it, I looked up a what the most precious gems in the Bible. A ruby is considered one of the most precious stones. You, as God’s princess, are more (indeed, far more) precious to God than even the finest of gems. Let that sink in.
  2. You are the imago dei — the image of God. God made you — His precious possession — in His image. God made you to reflect His glory! Is that not enough to make you smile, princess?
  3. You are a citizen of heaven. You were not made for this world, but for heaven. You a pilgrim of the most glorious land ever! In fact, back in your homeland, Jesus is preparing a place for you, princess! AMAZING!

Sister, have you turned your frown upside down yet? Good! That makes me smile!

Smile in:




Hold it cuz you’re beautiful!

I love ya’ll princesses!

Love in Christ,


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