Keeping Your Sanity in Isolation

This is a hard time for our country. It’s a hard time for the church. It’s a hard time for individuals. If you’re like me, this is trying your patience like it’s never been tried before. I really want this time of social distancing to end soon so that I can be in fellowship with other princesses. But until then, we must cherish this time and use it to God’s glory. I pray that these tips will encourage you and strengthen you in this unusual time.

  1. Stay Immersed in God’s Presence.  

During this time of social distancing, and what feels like social isolation, it is incredibly important to stay in God’s presence. That has been the one thing that has kept me going this hard time (Some might say, it’s the only thing keeping me from going insane 🤣) But in all seriousness, staying in God’s presence is paramount to keeping your spirits high and your temperament under control. 

For me, I feel the greatest intimacy with God in these four means of worship: 

  • Having Daily Devotions — Being in God’s Word in the beginning of the day puts me in a good mood in the beginning of the day. It does any princess good to put God at the forefront of your mind at all times. For me, I also find that if I have my devotionals before I do anything else, I am more focused during them and feel my personal relationship with Him grow stronger. 
  • Listen to Christian music. My sister is constantly playing praise music which really helps me put God first during the day. If I get quick tempered, it also helps me to get right with the Lord sooner (which is REALLY important)! I really enjoy Sean Stone (especially ‘The Dawning’ You can listen to is here.), Moriah Peters, and For King and Country.
  • Play sermons. Listening to sermons is a great way to get a good, deep Bible study on a certain passage of Scripture. It’s also an awesome reminder of who God is and who we are in Him. That always makes me more willing and able to serve Him. (Right now, I am really enjoying sermons by Pastor Ben Courson. You can check out some of his sermons here.)
  • Praying!! Constantly!! In 1 Thessalonians God commands us to ‘pray without ceasing.’ God wants to talk to you. Communicate with Him. Tell Him your struggles, ask for forgiveness when you get short-tempered in this time of isolation, ask Him what He wants from you! You’ll be amazing the kind of close-ness you can have with Him!
  1. Keep a grateful heart.

It’s REALLY hard to go crazy when you are constantly remembering all of the many blessings that God has poured out on you. (Maybe there’s a reason God commands us to ‘give thanks for all things.’ Just a thought…) Take a moment and write down 5-10 things that you are thankful/grateful for. Think about those things throughout the day. It will do miracles for you!

  1. Make a schedule.

Make a schedule and stick to it. For me — actually I think everyone — maintaining some level of normalcy is imperative to not going stir-crazy. I have found it to help me keep my focus on what my focus needs to be on. Try it for yourself. It’s great!

  1. Go outdoors. Exercise.

As apart of your schedule, include a time to be outdoors or exercise (if you are able where you live). If I get angry, discontent, or impatient, I find that taking a walk in God’s creation really helps me to get back on the right foot. (BTW, a walk is a perfect time to just talk to God.) God is sooo gracious to give us such a beautiful escape from our problems, predicaments, and imperfections.

5. Learn Something New.

Now is a great time to learn something new or invest in the talents that God has already given you. Hone in on your talents to give your Father the glory. Learn something new. If God has laid on your heart a calling that you’ve been calling off, now is the perfect time do it. Make good use of this time God has given you.

This time of your life doesn’t have to be spent feeling down and in despair because this is what you were expecting or hoping for in 2020. Yet this is the time and the place that God has set us in, so we will use it to give our Daddy glory! it has been said that the world watches you (God’s children) when times are good, but when times aren’t so good, the world is staring at you. Princesses, this is not a time of doom and gloom, it’s time to bloom. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will make it through this smiling! 😁

Love in Christ,


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