Welcome Princess!

I’m SOOO glad you’re here!!!

My hope is that God will use this blog to encourage many of His girls. I want strengthen, support, but most of all encourage God’s girls — especially you!

You’ll find that I generally write about things that I’m struggling with or that the Lord is teaching me. However, I may occasionally write about lifestyle or some life hacks.

Also, I have opened an Etsy shop! (You can find it here) My goal for my shop is the same as the goal here: to encourage God’s girls. I make decorations that I pray will in encourage you at all times! ā¤ļø

I hope that you will be encouraged by what you find on my blog!! šŸ’•

I’d love to get to know you a little better! You can contact me with the contact forum (here). But I also like to keep a nice rotation of fun polls to do, so please, if you are so inclined, have at it! You’ll be able to see how similar your preferences/circumstances are with others at the end. šŸ˜ (And you don’t have to fill out any contact information to do it!) Have a blast!

Okay, do ya’ll need a translation?


A) The sunshine warming my bones!

B) The bird’s melodious songs — yes, I realize that that isn’t a songbird emoji… but I don’t have a songbird emoji…šŸ˜¬ Can ya’ll help me with that?

C) The FLOWERS! Need I say more?

D) The allergies! ;p

E) The butterflies. And Ladybugs. And bees. And all the other beautiful springtime insects buzzing around! šŸ™‚

Okay, here are the translations (IE what the emojis were supposed to represent šŸ˜‰):

A) His immense love for us!

B) How He turns our mourning into dancing

C) That He is a righteous Judge and cannot tolerate any sin.

D) The joy He gives us!

E) I don’t know…. none of the above (AKA… I couldn’t think up anything else I could say in emoji language…. got any ideas???)

Oh, Princess, before you leave, will you PLEASE TAKE MY SURVEY!! I really want to know what you think! How can I improve!

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